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Linking Words

Cuando escribimos un texto, para darle coherencia y organizar las ideas que queremos expresar utilizamos conectores. Los conectores son palabras o frases cortas que utilizamos principalmente para unir frases, para añadir información y para contrastar ideas.

Estas palabras son conocidas en inglés como linking words y sería muy buena idea que empieces a familiarizarte con ellas si quieres expresarte con mayor fluidez y redactar textos bien organizados y de fácil comprensión para el lector.

A continuación os mostramos algunos de ellos y te mostramos algunos ejemplos:


AndYI have one brother and one sister
TooTambiénI like oranges, and strawberries, too.
BesidesAdemásDid you talk to anyone else besides Jim?
In addition toEn adiciónIn addition to Jane, Jake has another daughter by his first wife.
AdditionallyAdicionalmenteMembers receive twelve newslettersyearAdditionally, they have the use of a helpline.
As well asTanto comoneed to go to the supermarket as well as the bank.
MoreoverAdemásHe wasn’t wearing a shirt, moreover, he didn’t have his shoes on.
FurthermoreAdemásMrs.Smith has earned the respect of his clients. Furthermore, they know they can trust him.



 ButPeroShe’s 75 but she still goes hicking every weekend.
HoweverSin embargoIt’s a good idea. However, I don’t think we can afford it.
AlthoughA pesar de queAlthough he’s going through a difficult situation, he never complains.
Despite (the fact that)A pesar deShe still loves him, despite the fact that she left him.
In spite ofA pesar deIn spite of feeling tired, we decided to go out.
(and) yetY sin embargoAnd yet, these opportunities are not always easy to find.
On the one hand…but on the other hand…


Por una parte….pero por otra parte…On the one hand, I’m tired; but on the other hand, I want to go out.
WhereasMientras que…He loves fish, whereas she hates it.
Even thoughAunque…

A pesar de que…

I decided to ride my bicycle even though it was raining.
WhilemientrasThe south of the island is damp and filled with wonderful luxurious vegetation while the north is arid and dry.
Even soAún así, sin embargo I did not study, but, even so, I passed the test.
NeverthelessNo obstante, sin embargoAlexander II was an obscure but nevertheless interesting Scottish king.



SimilarlyDe manera similar, similarmenteThe two cats were very alike in temperament and behaved similarly
Just likeIgual queSarah has got a pair of shoes just like yours.
Compare(d) to / withEn comparación a

Comparado con

Life is better today compared to the past.


Similar toSimilar a

Semejante a

Janet’s situation is very similar to ours.


Not only…but alsoNo solo… sino tambiénJohn is good at not only maths, but also sports.



First / firstlyEn primer lugar


Firstly, we will begin the lecture with an interview…
SecondlyEn segundo lugar
Firstly, thank you all for coming. Secondly, let me introduce the topic.  
ThirdlyEn tercer lugarFirstly, I don’t like seafood. Secondly, I’m not hungry and thirdly, I have no money.

A continuación

What happened next?
FinallyPor último


Finally, I’d like to say thank you for coming.
In conclusionPara concluir

En resumen

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone who helped to make it possible.
To summariseEn resumenTo summarise, I’d like to thank all our employees for their hard work.


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