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There are a LOT of abbreviations in the English language. Some you may already know; FYI, NASA, SMS, to name a few. Here is a list (with examples) of some acronyms used when messaging that maybe you don’t know. Remember – these are very informal!

1. LOL – laugh out loud

Example: “I can’t believe you fell over! LOL!”

2. ASAP – as soon as possible

Example: “No problem, I’ll send that over to you ASAP.”

3. IRL – in real life

Example: “We have texted a few times but we haven’t met IRL.”

4. IMO – in my opinion

Example: “ IMO Lionel Messi is the greatest player of all time.”

5. SMH – shaking my head

Example: “I can’t believe you! SMH…”

6. NGL – not gonna lie

Example: “NGL, I was hoping you would cancel, I’m so tired.”

7. BRB  – be right back

Example: “I’m gonna grab a snack, BRB¨”

8. TGIF  – thank god it’s Friday

Example: “Ugh, this has felt like the longest week ever, TGIF.”

9. TBH – to be honest

Example: “TBH I think i’ll give the dinner a pass, i’m so tired.”

10. FOMO – fear of missing out

Example: “I wish I went to the party! Now I’ve got FOMO!”

11. TMI – too much information

Example: *When someone tells you something that you wish they had kept to themselves* “Ugh okay that’s TMI”

12. AKA – also known as

Example: “I’m listening to Bruce Springsteen AKA The Boss.”

Have we missed any? Comment below!

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